Check eligibility for a Barclaycard with new online service

09 Sep 2009 15:20 GMT

Unique new service will not impact on an applicant’s credit rating

Barclaycard has becomes the first provider in the UK to launch a credit card pre-application check. The simple, one step, online facility allows potential and existing customers to establish their likelihood of being eligible for a Barclaycard, without the need to complete a full application.

The new service leaves a search ‘footprint’ on the customer’s credit file, to show their information has been accessed, but it isn’t a formal credit application and it will not affect their ability to get credit in the future. The pre-application check takes a couple of minutes and is available on the Barclaycard website,

Amer Sajed, Chief Executive, Barclaycard UK, said: “Consumers currently need to apply in full for a credit card in the UK, without knowing whether they are likely to be accepted or not, leaving a search on their credit file which can potentially have a negative impact on their credit rating. This unique pre-application check solves this problem. The check can be completed in a few minutes and gives consumers a good indication of whether their application will be accepted.”

Since its launch on 25th August 2009, 4000 potential customers have used the pre-application check to determine whether they would be accepted for a Barclaycard.