Gordon Banks aims to help to get the nation’s older generation saving £742 a year by taking to the net

29 Aug 2013 09:28 GMT

England’s 1966 World Cup goalkeeper star back in the net to get older people online

Barclays research finds older people could net savings of £742 a year by getting online

“Bank and Banks” create 3,500 “Digital Eagles” to mentor those discovering the internet

Gordon Banks has got himself into a different kind of net to help get the nation’s older generation online with Barclays.

The star of the World Cup winning team of 1966, has lent his support to a campaign to help more older people across the country discover the internet for the first time so they can keep in touch not just with their money, but also friends and family.

With over 5.1 million people over 65 who have never been online¹, research by Barclays has found that if all of them were to hit the net it would result in a collective saving of £3.78 billion a year².

The research found that those who are online spend less on an annual basis. An older internet user typically saves over £61 a month on household bills thanks to shopping comparison sites, lower travel costs and buying for less online – a saving of £742 a year. Given that the average pensioner income is just £18,000, internet access can make a substantial contribution to the household budget for the older generation³.

Barclays has now created over 3,500 “Digital Eagles” in its branches across the UK. The Digital Eagles will help first-time or novice internet users to understand how the internet and using the latest apps can enhance their daily lives, whether that’s using Skype or Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends, catching up on the latest episode of their favourite soap opera, shopping online or understanding how they can use the latest technology to manage their money.

Gordon Banks, a notorious technophobe, has had help from a Barclays Digital Eagle, dubbed ‘iPat’, to really get to grips with the web. Gordon said “For someone like me who didn’t grow up with a telly let alone the internet, it can seem a pretty daunting place. But now that I’ve got some of the basics from Barclays, having access to the internet has opened up a whole new world. I’ve been catching up on Emmerdale and watching YouTube clips of my Pele save, as well as doing my banking online, of course!”

Research conducted by Barclays establishing how older internet users who are already net-savvy are making a host of savings, will help the Digital Eagles on their mission to get more older people online, really highlighting the benefits:

Have you saved money by using the internet for any of the following?


%age 55+ who have done so

Doing your shopping online


Buying financial services products


Saving on transport costs


Buying holidays/travel services


Using discounts or voucher sites


Finding better rates on savings products


Using services such as Skype


Using eBay to sell unwanted goods


Steven Roberts, Digital Eagle Pioneer at Barclays, said: “The Digital Eagles programme is all about going above and beyond to help our older customers get the most out of being online. We’ve listened to our customers and understand the challenges they face and this is the latest step in our commitment to making their lives easier by getting to grips with technology. We want everyone, regardless of age, to reap some of the benefits of being online, whether that’s saving money, keeping on top of finances or staying in touch with family and friends.”

Alongside the Digital Eagles programme, Barclays has partnered with the leading UK Charity for older people, Age UK to pilot five taster sessions in Barclays branches across five locations, followed by some in-depth courses. The sessions will help older people to learn the skills they need to get online and highlight the importance that Age UK and Barclays place on getting everyone up to speed on digital technology.

Gordon Banks concludes “I have always been a little wary of the technology we have available and never thought I would have the confidence to use it. I see my grandchildren on all these gadgets and used to just stare in amazement but I now know that you’re never too old to learn – it really will make a difference to my daily life!”

Notes to Editors:

  1. Office National Statistics (2013, Q2 figures released on August 14th 2013, Table 1a)
  2. Research carried out by Populus amongst a nationally representative sample of 752 internet users aged 55+ 14-15 August 2013

3. Average Pensioner income based on ONS “Pensioner Income Series” released July 2013 https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/pensioners-incomes-series-201112--2

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